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Black History Month - Medgar Evers

History to know-- Civil Rights Activist and City of Jackson - Government native, Medgar Evers.

Medgar Evers, Civil Rights activist and NAACP field secretary who fought for equality by organizing voter drives and protests against discrimination, by calling for legal investigations into school segregation and the lynching of Emmett Till -- Evers was a well known and a crucial member of the Civil Rights movement in the state of Mississippi. In June of 1963, Evers was returning from a meeting when he was gunned down in the driveway of his Mississippi home just hours after a speech on civil rights by President John F. Kennedy, sparked a national outpouring of mourning and outrage. His slaying brought mourners to Meridian where you can see them standing solemnly beside his casket at Union Station. Medgar Evers was transported via train to Arlington Cemetary where as a WWII Veteran, he was buried with full honors. This photo is a piece of history that we never want to see forgotten. Mr. Evers, our town will never forget that you passed through. We are honored to have been a part of your story. . . . . . . . . . READ MORE HERE ----> #keeptheirstoriesalive #railroad #MeridianMississippi #CivilRights #TrainStation #keepsteamalive #RailroadHistory #RailroadEnthusiast #MississippiHistory #Mississippi #SouthernRailway #southernrailways

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