It's raining cows in Pelahatchie, Mississippi - TROOP TRAIN

Updated: Apr 12

In the May/June 2003 newsletter of the Queen & Crescent Chapter of The NRHS, then current acting President, Mr. Mick Nussbaum re-shares a popular story from two Meridian (and railroad) legend makers -- Charles Lewis & Tuck Gilmore. Written by the late Casper Phillips in an edition of 'Roundhouse Rounds'. The original story is written below:

TROOP TRAIN -- 1898 A.D.

The date was February 15, 1898; time- 8:30pm.; place- Meridian, Mississippi. A. & V. engine 401 was standing at the depot. The engineer, the late Charles Lewis, had just finished oiling around. Tuck Gilmore, fireman, had trimmed the wick of the oil headlight and had poured in a fresh supply of signal oil.

"Tuck," said Mr. Lewis, "the dispatcher has given us a clear track tonight. "We've got troop train for Vicksburg an