"A GOLD STAR RAILROAD MOTHER" - Happy Mother's Day from Meridian Rails.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the 'Mothers of the Rails'. We'd like to share the story of one #MississippiRailroadMother that deserves more than one day of celebration.

A GOLD STAR RAILROAD MOTHER - Enterprise Journal, McComb, Mississippi; May 2nd, 1939

"The Illinois Central Railroad Company should place the name of Mrs. Julia Alvarez upon the list of its honored heroes and heroines. She has made a great contribution to the task of railroading.... has paid the price that only pioneers know how to pay.

Mrs. Alvarez came to McComb during the pioneer days of railroading. The Illinois Central Railroad at that time was in its infancy. Railroading was dangerous. But this danger period had to be bridged in order that civilization might enjoy the comfort and safety of modern railroad transportation.

Here is the contribution which Mrs. Alvarez paid to the growth of transportation. Her husband was a brakeman on this division. One day he left home safe and sound. Shortly after he was carried back to her mangled and crippled. His life for a time was spared. For months he lingered on crutches...Then he moved along with the caravan, a victim of the after effects of that railroad accident.