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December 1965 - Memories of The Southern

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Meridian, Mississippi, 1965

Northbound Southern Railway ‘Southerner’ pulls into station at Meridian, Mississippi, in December 1965. Seasonal temperature is reflected in passenger's attire. (Note: in left background is the vacated Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad office building.) Photograph by J. Parker Lamb, © 2016, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Lamb-01-11

Everyday we are so thankful for the work of Meridian Native, J. Parker Lamb. These images capture not only the beauty of the rails, but the beauty of a simplier time. . . . . . . . #stillsteamingahead #keeptheirstoriesalive #railroad #wewillneverforget #railroadlife #history #thesouthern

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