The heritage of the 116.

You may or may not be aware, but Meridian houses a very crucial and important piece of railroad history in the historic Highland Park. The M&B 116 (formerly SNY 116) has a story to tell and we are learning more and more about this locomotive every single day.

As we are currently in the process of preparing the Railways Express Agency building for Railfest 2021, we have unearthed information and photos of the 116 that we had never seen before. With these photo there was a very heartfelt letter written to the City of Meridian Parks & Recreation Department. The letter read:

"Mark Naylor

City of Meridian Parks and Recreation Department

Meridian, Mississippi

Dear Mr. Naylor,

I was very glad to receive your email concerning Meridian & Bigbee steam locomotive #116, relieved to know that so far she has escaped the cutting torch.

I drove through Meridian in October of '89. If I had known about #116 , I definitely would have detoured to see and photograph her. It was a couple years later that I learned that the #116 was on display.

You probably know that the #116 was purchased new from Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1916 by the Susquehanna & New York Railroad. THe S&NY began operation in 1903. A shortline railroad of 43