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MRHS Hires a New Executive Director

The Meridian Rails Historical Society is pleased to announce that our Board of Directors has elected a new Executive Director. As most know, our former Executive Director and Founder of our organization, Lucy Dormont, announced that her family would be relocating to the Memphis area in mid March. Although we are sadden by this news, we are looking at a bright future for our organization.

We would like to introduce everyone to Mrs. Anne McKee. Anne is a Meridian native who comes from a railroad family, has spent many years in the non-profit world, is an established writer, and comes from an accounting background. Anne is well known within in Meridian and the surrounding areas. With her experience with dealing with 501C3's and her other talents mentioned above, we believe that Anne will be a great fit with our Organization. We look forward to what Anne has to bring to the table!

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