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The 116 deserves more...

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

How did we let her get to this point? Take a look at the before and after. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the purpose of this engines dedication to the city of Meridian and more than 5,000 deceased railmen that called Meridian home. We are doing the 116 and railmen of the past and future a disservice.

In Memory of Deceased Railroad Men of Meridian, Mississippi by Casper C. Phillips.

"Sometimes at night a ghostly crew Climbs to the deck of the Forty-two; The engineer with his long oil can The fireman with his scoop in hand. Astral lights from the firebox gleam As the boiler hums to the rising steam. Black smoke curls from the rusty stack; The headlight gleams far down the track; The watchman on his lonely round, Can hear a ghostly whistle sound, And muffled bell with muted chimes Whispers of other days and times. The stars grow dim in the coming dawn-- The Crew of the Forty-two has gone."

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